Self Portrait: Nirvana





Self Portrait: Nirvana, 2010


Acrylic and Acrylic Enamel on Canvas


20” x 20”


Intermediate Painting course assignment. “Self Portrait: Nirvana” places important references to our own mortality and our will to live our own personal lives. It is out of this world, comparable to the feeling of ascension or being “gods” of our own bodies despite our human limitations such as mortality. The fantastical creatures don’t exist in the physical world but a mental world. The pink octopus (an avatar) that has its tentacles attached to my vital organs feed life into me, while being around can also be a major burden of human limitations. This exists in all of us, including myself. The presence of avatars become a common sight in many future paintings, reflecting on today’s generations’ need to fantasize outside of their own body (such as playing a role of a superhero who is cursed with a single Achilles’ heel).

Helen Lundeberg - Planet On Blue Source: Arcadja Auction

Helen Lundeberg – Planet On Blue Source: Arcadja Auction


Helen Lundeberg inspired  "Fields"

Helen Lundeberg inspired “Fields” (Photo credit: SallyAnn 09)



Beach (Photo credit: SallyAnn 09)


Helen Lundeberg, "Cosmicide," 1935

Helen Lundeberg, “Cosmicide,” 1935 (Photo credit: euthman)


Yves Tanguy, 1927, Surrealism

Yves Tanguy, 1927, Surrealism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




About Julian Peña

I'm a visual artist and student currently in progress to attaining a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I've been creating fantastical works of art since I was at the age of 13 years old. My work is transcendent beyond the material world and life itself. The paintings are polychromatic and visually exciting, while still maintaining a level of harmony. The subjects in many of these works of art may not exist at all despite what we perceive. It is a play on perception, an attempt to engage the viewers. I has earned numerous scholarships, participated in several group exhibitions, and already organized my own solo exhibition (CMYK, 2011). My meticulous and unique style is visually arresting. New ideas are constantly being examined and then visually communicated. Come check out my works at! I am is also currently part of the 253 Collective (a co-op) in downtown Tacoma. I currently live and work out of my loft in downtown Tacoma, WA.

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