The Very Last Supper


The Very Last Supper, 2011-2012

Acrylic, Silver Leaf, and Mica Pigment on Canvas on Hardboard

19” x 48”

“The Very Last Supper” evokes strong influence from one of Ito Jakuchu’s monumental masterpieces “Compendium of Vegetables and Insects.” Food has always been a primordial necessity to life itself. For the history of human life, a great harvest became valued due to the primitive requirement. In this work of art, natural colors are amplified or desaturated. Each item of food come alive much like the other unique avatar characters in many other paintings. This still life has dissident influences from the past Dutch vanitas paintings. The presence of food has always been an assurance of enduring life, but the proteins gawk and whip its appendages in a threatening manner. Traditional and modern Japanese visual influences are combined as a unifying aesthetic. The text on the left comes from a haiku by Taneda Santoka, meaning “A great harvest, sighs, the moon content.” The silver leafed background suggests the setting under the moon, and more specifically the harvest moon. The butterflies collecting around the food mimics mankind. The dust off of the butterfly wings colorfully falls onto the food underneath, altering the feast much like what we do with salt and pepper.



Ito Jakuchu "Compendium of Vegetables and Insects"

Ito Jakuchu “Compendium of Vegetables and Insects”

English: Ito Jakuchu's "White Phoenix on ...

English: Ito Jakuchu’s “White Phoenix on Old Pine from the Colourful Realm of Living Beings” (Edo Period). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About Julian Peña

I'm a visual artist and student currently in progress to attaining a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I've been creating fantastical works of art since I was at the age of 13 years old. My work is transcendent beyond the material world and life itself. The paintings are polychromatic and visually exciting, while still maintaining a level of harmony. The subjects in many of these works of art may not exist at all despite what we perceive. It is a play on perception, an attempt to engage the viewers. I has earned numerous scholarships, participated in several group exhibitions, and already organized my own solo exhibition (CMYK, 2011). My meticulous and unique style is visually arresting. New ideas are constantly being examined and then visually communicated. Come check out my works at! I am is also currently part of the 253 Collective (a co-op) in downtown Tacoma. I currently live and work out of my loft in downtown Tacoma, WA.

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