AMOCAT Arts Awards 2013 – Please Nominate Julian Pena

AMOCAT Arts Awards 2013 – Please Nominate Julian Pena

Courtesy of Shawn Kinney Studios @ Downtown Tacoma

Courtesy of Shawn Kinney Studios @ Downtown Tacoma

I’d like to pursue an opportunity for the AMOCAT Arts Awards 2013 for the work with the new Cumulus Collective, the art events I host in Tacoma, and my ongoing pursuit of the exploration of fine art‘s role in today’s society.

To nominate me, simply click on the link below and fill out the nomination form under “Community Outreach by an Individual.” The nominations will go through till August 30th, 2013. Just keep in mind that the award isn’t based on a number of votes necessarily, but what has been done for the creative community. Though recently my activities in Tacoma has slowed down due to distance and college, my contributions will be that much more focused.

Though I currently reside in Seattle for the pursuit of my BFA at University of Washington Seattle School of Art, my heart will always be in Tacoma as I have harbored an amazing group of friends and family there. Among the development of the creative community and outreach, I strongly support art education. I consistently perform research in fine art and art history and write about the future of art.

Among volunteering for various organizations and events, for the past three years I have worked with the Downtown Tacoma Block Party (one of my favorite events in Tacoma) as an artist with other wonderful volunteers. I have received 6 scholarships, 4 being related to art. For the past three years I have hosted art-related events and art shows (with local artists) at The Mix. Two years in a row I have been awarded “Best Artist” for South Sound Magazine’s BEST OF SOUTH SOUND awards. I have numerous publications in response to my works and the community art events I host. For two years I was an officer for the figure drawing club at Tacoma Community College. My personal goal with the creative community of Tacoma is to support and cooperate with other talented artists, on contrary to being competitive.

I am hoping to be involved in an upcoming project at Pt. Defiance at the Japanese Gardens and perform LIVE ART at a benefit auction in Fall of this year.

As for the group I have established, the Cumulus Collective, I hope to work with many local artists in collaborations for the creative community. To learn more about the Cumulus Collective’s mission statement and goals, please visit under the “About” section.

To learn more about this award, please visit

To learn more about my efforts and works, visit my website at and follow my blog at for art research papers and coverage on these events. You can find my artist resume, bio, portfolio, and artist statement online.

Please also vote for potential nominees for the other categories as well, as Tacoma has some of the most brightest and talented people/organizations around! Thank you for those who nominate me and I look forward in pushing myself artistically with new bodies of work and upcoming art events.

Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list under “Subscribe” on my website.


About Julian Peña

I'm a visual artist and student currently in progress to attaining a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I've been creating fantastical works of art since I was at the age of 13 years old. My work is transcendent beyond the material world and life itself. The paintings are polychromatic and visually exciting, while still maintaining a level of harmony. The subjects in many of these works of art may not exist at all despite what we perceive. It is a play on perception, an attempt to engage the viewers. I has earned numerous scholarships, participated in several group exhibitions, and already organized my own solo exhibition (CMYK, 2011). My meticulous and unique style is visually arresting. New ideas are constantly being examined and then visually communicated. Come check out my works at! I am is also currently part of the 253 Collective (a co-op) in downtown Tacoma. I currently live and work out of my loft in downtown Tacoma, WA.

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